Coloring Books / Test series, 2021-22

The Coloring Books is an ongoing series inspired by the subjects and aesthetics of children's coloring books. Cars, planes, ships, landscapes, houses, animals, are some of the most frequent motifs; simple figures with rounded black lines, ready to be filled with colors. Children are rarely interested in properly filling the spaces as they should, on the contrary, they are usually eager to just scribble around without caring about the image itself. The artist started a series of paintings which have the appearance of a coloring book’s image but with subjects related to Italian history of the second half of the 20th century generating a contrast between the content of the work and formal execution.

The Test series work has been developed through 2020-22 and it’s a reference to the testing phase made by the artist before starting a drawing or a painting. Choosing either the right pencil, marker, pastel or the most appropriate tonality for a work is something that usually remains outside the final work. The so called process in this series becomes the work itself, the media of drawing and painting overlap themselves, and the mark becomes something to be investigated in relation to its being in the pictorial surface and its being sign (line) and painting at the same time.